Friday, May 29, 2009

SCULPTURE: "Flying Monkey Squadron" FINISHED

Before sculpting the Mandrill, I sketched a "to size" drawing to figure out the scale of the monkey. Then I roughed up a loose sculpt to get the proportions of my armature right. Later, I removed the head section of the armature, when the scale of things changed during later stages.

I decided that the "racing pose" seemed a bit ordinary for this character, so I sketched something that looked like a stunt biker from an x-games event. It was a little too comical for what I wanted, so I made it feel like he was riding a "jet-ski" jumping a wave.

I finished the hands and baked them first...then started working on the body.

I felt like the arms were a bit too long, so I did a little corrective surgery with my saw and belt sander.

When I got to the head, I made the teeth separately so they would hold detail while I finished the rest of the face and headgear.

The final sculpt with the stages of the paint job. Time for some Super-Glue! (A little Monkey Trivia: technically speaking, a Mandrill is not a baboon, though it is related to them.)
That's it for this series. On to something new!


Christopher said...

I always liked that kind of monkey best from the Richard Scary stories...

Keep up the good work Warren!

Warren said...

Thanks,'s always nice to hear from you!

Joshua Gordon said...

Okay... THAT is cool. Just brilliant - and the aerobike too.

- Josh

Warren said...

Thanks, Josh...almost missed your comments. Been a while since I checked this post. Glad you like the sculpts. Come back often...I never know what I'll be posting next!