Sunday, May 24, 2009

SCULPTURE - "Flying Monkey Squadron" pt.8

NEW! The third member of the "Flying Monkey Squadron" is finally my "MANDRILL on an AERO-BIKE"!

It took me a lot longer to get this baby done than I anticipated. But a nice Memorial Day weekend gave me a big chunk of time to play. This will probably be the last in the series for quite a while...I'm ready to move on to other sculpture ideas.

As I have done before, I'll share the process of how I made this over several posts. But for now, Enjoy!


Steve Willaredt said...

Warren- The baboon rules! I wanna see a steampunk Iron Man next. Fantastic stuff. BTW I'm on the beach. Mwwwahahahaa! See ya soon.

Warren said...

Thanks for the compliments...but no thanks for rubbing it in about the beach...lucky dog. Get a tan, so you don't blind all the children out there.

Anonymous said...

Looks cool dad! - J

Anonymous said...

Am proud of my "boy and his toys". Keep having fun. Mom