Wednesday, May 27, 2009

SCULPTURE: "Flying Monkey Squadron" pt.9

Since I've explained the basic process for this series in other posts, I'll keep things a bit simpler this time. Below are lots of sketches...for some reason, many more were needed to figure out the final shape of the "Aero-Bike".

These are all of the bits of "found objects" and wood pieces I crafted for the machine.

Now I start assembling the parts...I had to patch the landing gear with epoxy putty. As before, I coat everything with glue to give a bit of texture and seal up gaps.

Here's the "Aero-Bike" all put together, then painted with a base coat of brown acrylic.

Now, the final paint job.

Here's my desk in the studio, as I'm making the base for the piece.

I began to add more and more detail to the "swirling clouds". I probably made the base a bit too elaborate this time around...oh well.

I finished off the metal support wire with epoxy to give it a bit more strength than Sculpy would afford. You'll see in the inset image that I added another little "swirl" to support the tailpiece...I was afraid that the added weight of the Mandrill monkey would pull the "Aero-Bike" apart from the base.

All painted, but not glued together yet.

Next I made the Mandrill pilot.

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