Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Here are some random robot sketches for your viewing pleasure. As I've often done before, I don't plan ahead...I just started drawing with a pen, and one thing leads to another.

This next series was a fun experiment that I'll try again sometime. I began with the image on the left...just another robot drawing. Then I decided to be inspired by the shapes of the first sketch, but make the next version "organic"...which, of course, means that it will be an "alien" of some sort.

I continued with another sketch, only I reversed the order, and started with an alien design...then went "robotic" with it. The process results in some ideas that I might not have tried otherwise.


Anonymous said...

I continue to be amazed at what I "birthed". Can't figure where the genes came from. Mom

Warren said...

Now, now, can't have it both ways. If you say things like,"I hope I had something to do with encouraging your natural bent," then you can't wonder where the genes came from when I get a little weird. :)

I'm so grateful to you and Dad for encouraging all my creative endeavors through these many years. Tell you what...I'll give you credit for the "respectable art", and take full responsibility for filling my little brain with sci fi movies, comic books, and all the goofy stuff! Love you!