Monday, June 1, 2009

SKETCHBOOK: "Robots...again"

This "Bot Welder" drawing was done as I was waiting for my wife while she was getting an eye exam. I remember looking at all of the glasses frames around the room, and started sketching the welder's goggles. As often happens...a robot showed up on the page. Last night, I finished a digital painting from the sketch. I made a few modifications from the original (I used an ink brush-pen, so there's no fixing things as you draw)...the welder's "torch arm" always bugged me. It was also fun to goof around with my "Corel Painter" program, which I rarely use (with a little help from Photoshop, too).

Here's a "Robot for a Rainy Day".

Another variation on the "Walk-The-Dog Bot".

Which came first...the chicken or the egg (or the robot)?


Anonymous said...

they all look really cool dad!-J

Anonymous said...

You amaze me still! Mom

rateldajer said...

very nice, I'd like to use your robot walking a dog pic on blog post, would that be alright?

Warren said...

Hello, Rateldajer...
That would be fine to add my sketch to your article. I read it, and the sketch seems to fit in nicely. If you want to add a link back to "LUDstuff", that would be cool, too.

Anonymous said...


Your work is amazing.

I build locomotives and items for theme parks (
and was wondering if I could use the old guy welding (he looks like me) for a brochure, it is perfect.

Let me know and keep up the good work, it's a gift.



Warren said...

Hey, Dennis...nice work on your site. I love mini-golf and have thought it would be fun to design stuff for them. Maybe when i retire (some day)...ha!

I am afraid I will have to decline the request to use my image on your brochure. These are for my own amusement and sharing with others, and not for publication. Sorry...

Keep building cool stuff!