Thursday, May 7, 2009

TABLETOP GAMING - "Lots o' Lava"

Here are a few more images from "Year of Terrain Building". I made these for my buddy, Jaye. This was at the same time I built my "Ming Spaceship" as the photo below shows.

I carved the "rocks" out of pink insulation styrofoam from the hardware store. I cut out a rough shape from masonite board, then stuck the layers of foam onto it with spray adhesive, and a hot glue gun. I then made up a mixture of white Gesso and sand/tiny rocks and covered the whole thing. I kept the mix pretty wet, and tilted the structures before the sandy mix dried all the way. It looked like hot lava had flowed multiple times over the surface. Finally, I painted it with black acrylic, and built up drybrushed grays to give it the burnt, ashen look.

The liquid lava was made from clear plastic glue from a hot glue gun, then painted with acrylics.

Below is a sketch I made for a larger set of lava rocks...but it never got built. (Maybe someday, Jaye.)

Til next time...

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