Saturday, April 4, 2015

SKETCHBOOK: "Easter Weekend at the ZOO"

Today was a gorgeous afternoon for sketching at the Kansas City Zoo.  So...I did just that.  Here are the results.  Above, the Hippos were taking a nap on dry land for a change (instead of submerged in the pool, with just their nostrils sticking out of the water).

Below is a crocodile with a very thin snout.  It was well hidden in the corner of the enclosure, except for the head, which was sticking over the edge of some rocks.
Next are several studies of four female LIONS.  They kept moving their heads, so it was hard to capture the details of their faces.
Here is a row of 4 "Red River Hogs".  They all got up and walked away, just as I was finishing the sketch.
The last image is of an archway of trees and branches that leads into the KENYA area of the zoo.  There is an African hut directly ahead as you go inside.  The tight growth of brushy trees made a fence around area (much like in the bush, to keep lions out).  A Bird Aviary is off to the right, just out of the picture.
All in all, a really nice day to be outside!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

SKETCHBOOK: "Sonic Tree"

I made a huge sacrifice today.  Instead of vacuuming and dusting as planned, I decided to enjoy another gorgeous day outside.  This gnarly beauty is on a steep slope next to a Sonic burger place near my home.  I had to climb over a fence by the parking lot to get this view.  Dust bunnies will have to wait.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

SKETCHBOOK: "Waitin' For Another Oil Change"

This morning I took my Ford in for it's regular maintenance check.  Here are a few characters I saw while waiting.  The three "Hearing Aid Boys" were at the McDonald's up the street.  The "Big Guy With Tiny Phone" and the "Serious Reader" were in the waiting room at the dealership.  I'm usually pretty sneaky when sketching.  The "Reader" locked her eyeballs on me as I was looking at her face. I looked away at the tv for a bit...then she went back to reading...close call!  :)

Adding one more that I sketched in my backyard when I was done with the car.  The weather is SO nice for a change, I had to stay outside for a bit.