Monday, December 9, 2019

SCULPTURE: "Sasquatch In A Tree"

I just finished my latest sculpture...Big Foot! I've taken a few trips out to the Pacific Northwest Coast to explore and to sketch. And I can't help but think about a "Squatch" hiding in the forest watching me. My theory as to why no one has ever gotten a good look at one, is that they hide WAY up in the treetops. I love the idea that there are still a lot of mysteries left in this high-tech world of ours!
First an armature. I use various gauges of wire and aluminum foil to build the general shape of my sculpts. Lately, instead of using "Sculpy" clay, I've been enjoying the durability of "Magic Sculpt" epoxy clay. It requires some getting used to...but when it sets up after about 4 hours, it is as hard as a rock.
Next, I cover the foil with the epoxy clay, just to get a good, solid form to build on. I tried to get the anatomy correct before adding the details like fur.
I slowly began to add in the fur bits. I tried to change up the length of the fur, from shorter hair on the main torso, to longer, shaggier fur on the lower legs and arms. I also tried to give the Squatch some longer hair on his head...almost like dreadlocks. It took a while to sculpt the fur, since I tried to layer it with very small bits of clay, then tool out the details, and then blend it with a bit of water on a brush.
Here is the final painted version. I looked at photos of chimpanzees, gorillas, and big bears to inspire my color choices. I plan to add another shelf to my studio wall to make more room for this big guy.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

SCULPTURE: "The MexiKid"

One month ago, I was able to surprise a great friend of mine with a little sculpture based off of the lead character of a brand new comic strip series called "Mexikid Stories" by artist/writer, Peter Martin. He loved what I made, and that's all that I could hope for. Check out Peter's work at GoComix

Saturday, October 12, 2019

CHALK ART: "Swamp Humor"

After 8 straight hours, I've just finished another chalk mural for my driveway. You'd think I'd get smarter and simplify these things. Hope my back let's me get out of bed tomorrow! (In case you wondered...the turtle is not quite dry...I sometimes blend stuff with a wet brush.) It's fun to get the neighbor's reactions throughout the and grown-ups alike.