Friday, May 15, 2009

SCULPTURE - "From the archives"

Here are a few sculptures I made over the course of several years. The first pieces below are all made of ceramic clay.

I'm really proud of my "Razorback" below (or wild decide). I participated in a week-long sculpture workshop at my job and learned the process of making a mold from my plasticine clay sculpt. The castings were made from a mix of porcelain and resin (the white version). I was able to have the pieces "electroplated" so it looked like bronze and put on a wooden base. I also painted one with oils.

This last piece was done for a gallery show at church. The theme was the "Days of Creation" and each participating artist was given a different "day" to interpret in various mediums. As you can see, my sculpture was of "Adam"...the hands of the Creator pulling/forming him from the earth. I did the sculpt in plasticine clay, but didn't have it cast. I had a fiberglass cube made to put the piece into for the show. In the photo below, upper left corner, you can see the little "maquette" prototype I made in Sculpey, before going to the final.


K. Callen said...

They're all nice, but that Adam's pretty great!

It's also amazing to see your sculpture images near your painting images near your robot doodles. Quite a variety of mediums and all extremely well done!

Steve Willaredt said...

Great stuff! Warren when will you sculpt yourself as the "Thinker"? Just not nude please.


Thanks to both of you for your nice comments. This weekend, I had a phrase come to mind that describes why I run to so many varied interests. I have a "free range chicken brain" just wanders all over the place.

And Steve...thanks for the suggestion for my next sculpt, but I'll need to keep going to the fitness center for a while would require too much clay at present!

I enjoy all the interesting things you both post on your blogs...I check 'em every day.