Tuesday, January 19, 2010

SKETCHBOOK: "Florida Trip"

I'm taking a little break from posting my sculpture. Here are some sketches I did last week when my wife and I went to Tampa Bay, Florida for her parathyroid surgery. The first image is the view from Cat's hospital room...at her suggestion, I signed it and gave it to Dr. Norman, her surgeon. The next image is the view from the waiting room...same subject matter, different window. The two skylines are from our hotel...the view out the front door, then from the back balcony.

These other sketches are at KCI airport, and some during the flights there and back.

Here's a photo of my sweet wife, Cat, and I the day after her surgery. She was a real trooper...being next to Sand Key Beach on the gulf sure helped!

I had to get a shot of this hilarious inflatable slide on Clearwater Beach...I want one for my backyard!

Here's a composite panaramic view I pieced together...it's from the Marriott where we stayed.

This is a gorgeous sunset seen from our balcony the night we got back from the hospital.

And finally, a big thanks to my long time friend, Becca, for her hospitality...appreciated the conversations and the tour of Clearwater Beach and your home! We'll definitely be going back to explore the coast...and, God willing, with NO hospital stays!


Anonymous said...

Great shots, great drawings, great surgical results. I'm happy! Mom

S.Willaredt said...

Hope everything went great.