Monday, January 11, 2010

SCULPTURE - "Frog Rider" pt.5

Last time I said I'd be showing the Samurai Beetle next...sorry. I had some unexpected modifications that I thought were worth noting...especially when one of them was a really STUPID mistake.
Here's the saddle for the Samurai Beetle. It has some odd little indentions, but that is from the legs of the Beetle being pressed into the sculpy. You won't see that part when the rider is sitting astride his mighty steed.

I never did like the way the gauntlets looked...too chunky. So I decided to get out the dremmel tool and grind it down to a simpler shape. (The epoxy is tough stuff.)

I also decided to remove the hip guards. They didn't seem too practical for a jumping frog...always would get in the way. So I ground off the right hip problem. Here's where things took an ugly turn. Instead of being patient, I decided to speed up the process, and used some wire cutters to try and snip off the left side. CRACK...busted both hips! So I had to cut away the sculpy, fill back in with epoxy, and rework both legs. Truth is, they'll be stronger than before, and you shouldn't notice, once it's painted. time, for sure, I'll show how I made the Samurai Beetle...really.

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Keeping busy, I see. That's good...maybe.

- Jonathan Schneider