Friday, January 1, 2010

SCULPTURE - "Frog Rider" pt.2

First off... "HAPPY 2010!" Hope you all have a great new year!!

Okay, back to the "Frog Rider" sculpt-in-process. Here's where things are at the moment...the basic frog body is now finished.

Here's how I started the head...a little foil, and some wooden beads for the eyes. I baked it in stages, so the detail wouldn't get mashed along the way. I apologize for the blurry images. My wife reminded me how to turn on the "macro" setting on the camera...but it was too late to retake these early steps.

Below shows the head sculpted onto the body. I added a bit more "flesh" to fill out the plump little frog belly.

Part of me hates to cover up this little guy with all the Samurai armor...but he's way too cute at this stage. Way.

I've now got some structural issues to resolve. I will be adding some more foliage to help support the weight of the hyper-extended pose...the sculpy is cracking under the stress. Next time, I'll show how I repair the damage, and add on the extra blades of grass.


Fitz-Badger said...

Looking great! The pose seems very realistic and active. Even the water is swirling and bubbling.

Could you maybe add something heavier to the base to help with stability? When I have minis that are top-heavy I might add some extra bits of metal or a washer or 2 to help weight it down a bit. (of course in your case you'd have to be sure it was something that could withstand the baking process) :)

Warren said...

Hey, Fitz-Badger...thanks for the advice. The issue with this guy is not that it's tipping over. There are cracks in the ankles, because the legs are so thin, and the wire armature is a bit flexible. I've done some modifications that hopefully will help. I'm finding out first hand that sculpy may not the be best material for some designs.