Saturday, January 16, 2010

SCULPTURE - "Frog Rider" pt.6

Here's the Samurai Beetle, as promised! (Editorial update 1/17/10: I originally picked this style of beetle, because I thought the horns would make a cool helmet. Did a web-search this morning, and found out that it is a "Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle"...perfect! That goes great with my "SamuRhino", too.)

Before I get into the sculpting process, let me first say a big THANKS to those of you who were praying for my wife, Cat, while we flew to Florida for her surgery. We literally just walked in the door from our return flight home. She had a rare, benign Parathyroid tumor removed. The procedure was very successful, and her life should improve greatly. It was a long week, and we're glad to be home! Well, was gorgeous in Tampa Bay, and we've still got gobs of snow here! (Of course I took my sketchbook along...but more on that in another post.)

Okay...let's start at the's the beetle's behind! I made the lower segment first, then drilled out the underside out so I could add wire for the legs.

Next I made some little tiny feet. I baked them before making the rest of the legs, so I wouldn't mash them.

I super-glued the feet onto the leg wires. I tried to make the belly look like a woven armor pattern. Then I sculpted the legs with shin and thigh armor. Once I had that part figured out, I could make the saddle for the back of the frog.

The katana (sword) was created by hammering some heavy-gauge wire. Next I add a little detail for the hilt, then make the scabbard from a thicker piece of wire and some epoxy.

Below are a few details from the rest of the process. Upper left is the head...below that are the arms being sculpted. The middle image shows the upper torso with the helmet on. Next is the banner that will be attached to his back....made from toothpicks, wire and aluminum foil. I coated the banner with wood glue, when completed.

Here's the final beetle design! He's all ready to be painted.
Once you soak all this in, I'll post the images of this little guy riding his mighty Battle Frog!


Fitz-Badger said...

Nice work! I like how you did the katana. And the helmet is cool - reminiscent of staghorn beetles and the like, as well as samurai helemts.

And even though I don't know you guys, best wishes to your wife for a speedy recovery!

Christopher said...

I wanted to say a big yay for everything turning out great down in Tampa! Again, thanks for the gift you guys! I was about to steal the sailboat you did for mom and bring it to my house and now I don't have to:) I hope you guys are well!
Also to Warren I took a video clip of the sunrise at jobsite a couple weeks ago. You can find it here and is kinda neat if you have 6 or 7 min to spare.

Warren said...

Thanks to you both for the comments. The surgery went really well.

And Christopher...glad you liked the painting. I knew you'd get into trouble with your Mom for thievery, so I painted one just for you! And I love the sunrise video. What are the little critter-heads that are swimming in the water towards the end?

Christopher said...

They are 'diving ducks'. Actually I believe their real name is Lute or something close to that. If they were bigger they'd be a Loon, but they aren't so they're demoted to 'Lute'. They're very small and have the weirdest feet. They look more like fingers but they're lobed so when they push off/paddle in the water the lobes open up and turn into regular duck feet. Probably why they swim as well as they do. Anyway, they are tiny things but apparently from what I read they can crush oystershells with their SuperBeaks. Yes, that is a scientific term btw.

Christopher said...

Ok, so after doing some research I just realized I'd told you an enormous untrue story. I did a search for diving ducks in this area and immediately recognized the culprit because of the white section of feathers on it's head. See here:

Warren said...

"Bufflehead!" (Not you, Chris...the name the diving ducks are called.)

Love it...and as for accuracy, I'm good with science fiction, if it's interesting enough. I am from the south, ya know...we value a good story down there.

You're so much smarter since you got that haircut...more oxygen to the brain, I'll wager. :) Uncle W.