Tuesday, July 28, 2009

TABLETOP GAMING: "Alien Terrain"

Time to post some more stuff from the gaming archives. After I had made some spaceships for my friend Steve, I decided to try to build some alien landscape pieces to go with them. I've been a lifetime fan of artist ROGER DEAN (most famous for his album cover art for the Prog-Rock group "YES"...which happens to be my all-time favorite band). So for fun, I let myself be inspired by the crazy landforms he designs.

Here are the original sketches that got things moving...I ended up scaling the size of everything down for the modular pieces.

Once I had formed the structures out of styrofoam, I discovered an interesting technique to add more "alien-ness" to the forms. On another occasion, I had tried to make some terrain using aerosol spray-foam insulation. It was a complete mess...the stuff continues to swell up for hours...it's very sticky...and it smells. However...once it starts to set up, you can drag across the foam with a stick, and it makes really cool skin-like webs. I thought it made for some nice alien fungus-growth.


Anonymous said...

Sir, you are an absolute genius!!! For quite a while now, I've been looking for just that same effect. Thanks for the explanation and the great photos.

Warren said...

Hey, Dan...you're reachin' back into my archives...almost didn't find your comment. Glad this technique will help you...I pretty much found it by accident. Make sure you do this in a well ventilated area! It's really nasty, but it looks cool.