Thursday, July 16, 2009

AUTOMATA: "More Mechani-Cats"

I'm getting close to the end of the line with posting my automata creations...guess I'll have to work on some more in the near future. This little "Angel Cat" was made for my Mom a few Christmases ago...pretty simple mechanism...the wings just move up and down. It has the "antique" painting approach where I give everything a base coat of white, then skuff it up with sandpaper after the color is applied.

My brother, Kris, is an avid golfer. Since I was on the "cat theme" that Christmas, I made him this little guy. The golfball sits on the head of a mouse...when the club swings down, the mouse ducks in the hole just far enough for the cat to miss hitting the ball.


Fitz-Badger said...

These are so incredibly cool! :D

Anonymous said...

What fun it is to be the recipient of these great original "toys". Thanks for being