Saturday, July 4, 2009

PAINTINGS: "Sailboats"

Happy Fourth of July! Since a lot of folks are enjoying a weekend down at the lake, I thought I'd post some of my plein air pieces that were sailboat related. They're all oil on masonite board.

The one above I did at Lake Jacomo, in Missouri while painting with my friend David. The one below was done on another weekend soon after, when my wife and I went back to the same cove. Alas...both paintings were destroyed in a fire.
The next two were done in Solomons, Maryland while visiting family. The red boat was behind a popular "Tiki" Bar on the boardwalk. The boats in drydock was at a nearby marina, where the boats were being repaired and readied for sailing season.


Anonymous said...

The sailboats are all great solid paintings. What fire? Is that a story I've never heard? They really are lovely and make me want to be near the water. Mom

Warren said...

The fire was when Jill's shop, Magnum Opus, burned down in Bonner Springs. And the paintings make me want to be near the water too...maybe some day!

Anonymous said...
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Warren Ludwig said...

Arrg...I hate getting SPAM for Christmas. Had to delete.