Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SCULPTURE - "Space Gator!" pt.3

Welcome back! Space Gator is starting to take shape. The shot above is in the very early stages...this guy will change quite a bit as we go along.

Below are the usual steps...I wrap a little bit of thin wire around the armature, so the clay has something to grab onto. Then, I just start adding bits of clay until I get the basic form figured out. To paraphrase Michaelangelo..."I saw the Space Gator in the Sculpey and carved until I set him free." (I know...sayin' that seems wrong somehow.)

I temporarily place the laser cannon on the Gator's arm, so we have a snug fit. I realized after taking this image, that the weapon is upside down. I guess it's personal looks fine this way, too.

I thought I'd throw in some of the sketches that I drew for inspiration...they're NOT my original designs. I usually pull images from all over the place, just to get my brain working. These are drawings I made based on stuff I found from a couple of websites and Flash Gordon comics. I'll use them as inspiration for figuring out what the Gator's space gear might look like. It's sort of like the assignments we'd get in art school: go copy the works of the "masters". I am blown away by the wonderfully cool artwork at and talented guys!

Now things are starting to head in the right direction. I've added some very quick props for basic placement, but may totally go another way as I think it through later.

Off with his head!
I'll be working on the face and helmet separately, then bake them, so I won't mess up the detailing. Then I can place them back on the body, and go from there.
See ya later, alligator! (Sorry...had to.)

To be followed by:
After a while, crocodile!

And a new one from one of my nephews:
Not too soon, ya big baboon!

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