Thursday, February 18, 2010

SCULPTURE - "Boarbarian" pt.5

Here's the finished Boarbarian, ready to be painted this weekend. (Hope he was worth the wait, Christopher!)


Kerry Callen said...

Thought I'd wait for the finished sculpt before saying... FANTASTIC!

Mahon said...

Cool and amusing character. Maybe not meant for amusement but the name doesn't suggest it should be treated very seriously.

I hope you don't mind me showing it on the internet, with full credit
given of course :)


Warren said...

Hey, thanks, Kerry...I really appreciate your honest appraisals, which makes your compliments even more valuable. Hope to finish up the paint job soon...stay tuned!

And Mahon...I checked out your site. That would be cool to have my stuff featured on there. I'm guessing you'd put a link back to my site, so folks can see the "in process" images, if they want. Also, these sculpts aren't miniatures, if that matters...the Boarbarian is about 9" tall. And yes...he was indeed meant for "amusement". :) Thanks!

Mahon said...

Of course I'll add a link if you like :)

Thanks for your approval :)