Thursday, February 11, 2010

SCULPTURE - "Boarbarian" pt.2

Before I began to focus on the Boarbarian figure, I needed to design one important object...the Battle Hammer. This helped me figure out the proportions of the rest of the sculpture.

I started with a scrap paint brush handle, sanded off the paint, then drilled a hole in it for a support wire. Next I wrapped it with foil, so it wouldn't be too heavy.

After defining the shape, I added some battle scars to the details. Below is the finished weapon.
Now on to the main event...who's gonna hold that hammer?!! First I start with the armature of wire, then add foil.

Next comes the base layer of Sculpy, which I baked to have a solid core to build upon. The head "sketch" is very loose, and is only for deciding on the pose I like best. And, yes, Mr. Boar is on the skinny side...this is still just the armature stage.
Okay...that's it for this time, the pork starts beefin' up! (I was bad, but I couldn't stop myself.)

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Fitz-Badger said...

What a ham!

Nice work on the porkhammer!