Tuesday, June 23, 2009

PAINTINGS: "Plants and Fruit"

These top two paintings were "homework assignments" from a Joan Parker workshop I went to. I'm not used to doing still lifes or florals, so I was pleasantly surprised how the sunflower painting came out. I really enjoyed Joan's class and had fun getting to know her. (Sorry, Joan, that I haven't been painting as much as I should...too many hobbies!)

My Mother-in-law owns the apples and pears still life below.

This sickly jade plant was in it's last days, but I liked the tall thin stems. I apologize about the reflections from the varnish on the painting...kindof messes up the rich background colors.

Here's one more, in keeping with the theme...I was intrigued by the pattern inside the bowl. Think I'll stick with landscapes.


lin said...

You definitely should do more stills....especially flowers...love the sunflowers! I have lots of "still" flowers in my garden you can paint!!!
Enjoy the day...Lin

Warren said...

Thanks, Lin...that one was a happy accident. The instructor made me stop before I kept going and ruined it.

Look forward to seein' you again in August!

Anonymous said...

I love them all! But I remain faithfully partial to my son's talent. Lin, I agree with you. He should do more, period! Warren, I love your oils regardless of subject matter. You are much more talented than you realize. mom