Friday, August 28, 2015

TRAVEL: "California Coast" Pt. 5

This will be my final chapter to this series. I just wanted to show you some of the amazing sights that I got to enjoy on my trip.  Above...some local color of Pacific Grove, near Monterey.

Welcome to Pacific Grove!

Gorgeous colors on a lovely day along the coast of Pacific Grove.

 Looking south on the beach at Pacific Grove.

 Some cool houses in Pacific Grove...and a wonderful "horizontally-inclined" cypress tree.

Waves along the beach of Pacific Grove on an overcast evening.

A beautiful day at Monterey Bay! Can you see the seals in the water with the gulls?

 Amazing rock formations along Pebble Beach, on the way to "Carmel By The Sea."

The famous "Lone Cypress" on the 17-mile-Drive heading towards "Carmel By The Sea".

A couple of the incredible views on the scenic Highway 1 near "Big Sur". There is a tiny bridge in the distance of both photos. The top pic is where I was headed...the bottom photo was looking back to the same bridge, as I was farther up the cliff-side road.

An impressive light house on a giant rock along Highway 1. You can see the huge rock in the distance in the top photo.

More amazing coastline views on Hwy 1 along "Big Sur". The drive here is breath-taking...and a little bit scary! One false move and off the edge you go!

The Juila Pfeiffer Burns Falls along Big Sur.

Amazing blue Pacific Ocean colors along Hwy 1.

You can just make out a fortress-like tunnel structure on the edge of the cliff that cars pass through on Hwy 1.

One of the beaches along Los Padres National Forest.

The sea elephants were taking a nap. I think these were all females, as the guys took off after mating season. Typical.

A couple of birds that I saw on my trip. I should do some photoshopping and put that ostrich on the wharf. 

A crazy piece of art on wheels in Santa Barbara!!

I hope you enjoyed coming along with me on my trip!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting all 5 entries. Was really neat to see all beautiful scenery in California. Sketches were great as were the pictures. I know you had a wonderful trip and hope everything after the trip goes as well
Lil Bro

Jenni said...

Love all the sketches and photos! So glad you were able to take the trip!!!

Brad said...

So cool. Seeing your stuff always makes me wish I could illustrate!

Sandy said...

oh, thank you so much, that just fills my heart with blessing. I used to live in the north Bay Area and traveled all around those places which I so love, and miss, and it fills me with longing as well as pleasure.