Tuesday, July 30, 2013

SCULPTURE - Monster Heads! Pt.1

My family and friends who know me well are familiar with my love of GIANT MONSTERS!  I have grown up watching GODZILLA and just about any movie with humongous creatures in it.  This summer, one of my favorite movies is "Pacific Rim" where giant "Mech Robots" piloted by humans defend the earth against "Kaiju" (a Japanese word for...you guessed it...giant monsters).

Since most of my projects take such a long time, I decided to try some quicker sculpture "sketches" for a change.  No preliminary drawings...just winging it as I sculpt.  So, for fun, I'm starting a series of "Monster Heads".  This is the first of more to come!

I won't belabor the process...it's similar to all of my other sculpture projects posted on this blog.  I began with a nail hammered into a piece of wood I got at a craft store.  After wrapping the nail with wire, I added aluminum foil to fill out the bulk of the shape.  Then sculpey is applied, and away we go!

Here is the basic creature.  I didn't take a bunch of photos along the way, because the shapes kept changing as I played...I didn't want to slow down to snap some pics.  The "pink" clay is "super sculpey", the gray is a mix of "super" and "firm sculpey".  The "firm" is too hard and crumbly.
Next, I started adding details...bumps, wrinkles, cracks, scars.  I really didn't take a lot of time fussing with all the details...just wanted to lock in on the essence of what the character looks like.

The painting process takes a while...and again...I didn't take a bunch of photos.  These pics give an idea of the "glazing" that I do.  I started with a base of red acrylic...then a wash of watered-down black.  I then "dry brush" colors on top, building subtle transitions as I go.  This is repeated over and over until I get what I like.
Below is the final color scheme.

Just for fun, I decided to goof around with the colors in Photoshop...just to see what other monsters of this species might look like where ever they come from.
That's it for now...got to go make another monster head!


Anonymous said...

Gee! A beady -eyed monster in some of my favorite colors! Can I order one? Mom

Yeti's Yell said...

Awesome!!! I think I need one for my desk at work, a warning to those nearby to tread lightly or bring a Jaeger...

Dice Plague said...

Sound like you had a lot of fun!
I liked the "real" color but the last photoshop scheme is marvelous too!

Anonymous said...

Those are really fun Dad!! :) -j