Thursday, September 13, 2012


Welcome to the next part of my travel journal out to the Northwest Coastal region!  From this point on, I'll be showing some of the photos I took along the way.  This post will focus on SEATTLE, WA.  I hope to return to explore some more...could only do so much in the two days I was there!

I love "cloudscapes" are a couple from the window of my flight out to Seattle.
I was thrilled that we flew so close to MOUNT RAINIER on the way into the airport.  It's the tallest mountain in the state of Washington.

In the evening, my friends Michael and Linda Stubblefield took me on a bit of a tour of the city.  As we had a bite to eat on the waterfront, we decided to ride the giant ferris wheel seen at the far left of the photo below.  The views of the port are from the windows of one of the gondolas, as we reached the top of the rotation.
Michael, as I found out, is not fond of heights.
Here are a couple of shots of the Seattle Skyline.  It is a really beautiful city!

The day I went sketching, I returned to one of the areas we had visited earlier...LAKE UNION.  So many cool sailing vessels of all shapes and sizes down there.

Below is the view of downtown Seattle from the north side of Lake Union.  Underneath that photo is a collage-composite of the view from on top of this rather large mound in the middle of the park.  Some kids (and a mom) were sliding down the hill on blocks of ice covered with a towel to sit on...pretty funny to watch.  The mom slid the greatest was her 43rd birthday that day.  I know this because she was louder than any of the kids, and kept gloating over her win!

On the far left side of the collage, you can see GASWORKS PARK.  Below are all the amazing structures that were "salvaged" and turned into a "destination".  I loved drawing that, and wished I could have explored more and climbed all over it (which, of course, you aren't permitted to do).
Part of the park shows some of the huge machinery, all painted up in bright colors.

The morning I left Seattle for the next part of my journey, I rode on the EDMONDS-KINGSTON FERRY.  It was about a 30 minute ride, and you could get out of your car, and go topside to the observation deck.  A gorgeous day!

Next time, we'll get out of the "big city" and head towards CAPE FLATTERY!


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty excited about the next part if it looks like that last picture!! love it! :) :) - Jen

Anonymous said...

Your photos are magnificent....You put together an awesome series of pictures to share. Thanks for them.. I am so glad you had a good time. love, Susie

Warren said...

Thanks,'s taking me hours to go through all the shots I took. But it's almost like taking the trip all over again. Keep checking back...more to come!