Saturday, October 29, 2011

SKETCHBOOK - "Tree Grove"

Had no plans this morning, so I went to mail some bills, then had breakfast. I wandered across the street from the restaurant afterward, and walked the path around an office park pond. Found a little bench in front of this grove of trees...a perfect place to spend the morning sketching in the warm sun.

On the stroll to my van on the other side of the pond, I came upon this amusing sign. They could've just said, "No Fun Allowed!" I then proceeded to fish, swim, wade, throw rocks, and feed the geese until they were ready to pop!
UPDATE 10-30-11
Decided to add one more sketch. Stayed after church this afternoon (instead of coming home to rake the stupid leaves). It was pretty windy out on the lawn. I like the architectural design of the layered roof line. But my perspective got a little off on this one...once you start with the ink pen, there's no turning back. Might have to try this one again sometime.

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