Sunday, August 7, 2011

SKETCHBOOK - "Art's Bench"

I went out to Shawnee Mission Park today to paddle a canoe on the lake. Thought it might cool me off a bit...just made me sweat. Then I decided to grab my sketchbook and head down a walking trail to a bench that Cathy and I used to sit on occasionally. The bench is a memorial to an artist I used to work with, Art Carlson. In fact, in this very spot years ago, Cat asked me why I never painted with oils anymore (it had been probably 20 years since my college days). I didn't have a good answer, and soon thereafter, started up doing landscapes again. This sketch is the first time I've actually done a piece from that view.

Just as I was finishing adding some washes to the drawing...the sun went behind some very menacing looking rain clouds. The wind whipped up, and I decided it was time to leave! Alas...all bluster and no rain for my dried up lawn. I made a composite image from my cell-phone camera.


Anonymous said...

Wow...those clouds did look menacing. Maybe that should be a painting too! Glad you got out. It is way too hot here. I have huge patches of completely dead grass. I've given up. May have storms here Wed. but they may pass us by.
Love the sketch. I'm trying to watercolor again.

Warren said... are actually verging on being truly "anonymous" this time. I figure the comments are from MOM. You can always hit the "Name" button and type it in...don't need a URL.

linsolomons said...

As always your sketches, paintings are fabulous!!!
Glad you are getting out and enjoying life!!!
Off to Myrtle Beach Sat. for 5 days...let you know how the beaches are there...XO