Monday, August 1, 2011

Monterey Trip: Pt. 2

This first batch of photos is limited to the town of Pacific Grove, California...just on the outskirts of Monterey. "P.G." is where I stayed for the week...lots to see within walking distance.

I got a few good shots out of the window of my plane. On the left...some nice coastal views north of Los Angeles. I thought it would be clear and sunny where I was headed. But on the right, you can see the cloud-cover that was to block out most of the sunshine the whole time I was there.
Here's my smiling face as I pull out of the San Jose airport in my rental down, radio up, jammin' to some Peter Gabriel's "Sledge Hammer". On the first moments on the beach...gray, overcast skies, a hat and jacket required. (But I'm smiling on the inside!)
This is the Point Pinos Lighthouse, and a golf course, just down the road from my hotel...

Next up...several photos of the wonderful rock formations along the beaches of "P.G.".

Much of the coastal area of Pacific Grove is protected by the can see a bit of the wildlife below.
On the left side are some tiny black dots in the middle of the water...Sea Otters!!
Lots of Seals and Marine Birds!
That's it for this post...more later.


Christopher said...

Awesome photos uncle. Glad you had a good time!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful shots....almost as good as being there....but not quite. mom

ArtbyBernadette said...

What a beautiful place! And your photos captured the feel of the place. Wow.

alethiafey said...

Thanks for the virtual trip! Your photography shows your artistic skill of composition. I thoroughly enjoyed your comments too. Thanks for the smiles you gave with your humor. And thanks for the tips on making tabletop gaming pieces; you've inspired me to try harder things than the Sculpy pieces I've made so far.