Saturday, March 12, 2011

SKETCHBOOK - Road Construction

Went out sketching twice today. Been ages since I've taken some time to just sit and draw. Seems like the stretch of highway near my house is always under construction. One of the exits is getting a make-over...which means on the weekends, I have some fun stuff to look at. I went out early in the morning to catch the sketch's a gigantic asphalt loader, with some little bobcat loaders nearby. The drawing I did later this evening, below, is of the muddy dozer that is barely showing in the first drawing (on the far right). Nice to get outside...Spring is nearly here!!!


Christopher said...

Awesome sketches. You should do a cartoon or something with your machine addiction. I know every single boy that's born is interested in 'earth moving and farm machinery' and their parents spend mega bucks buying dvd's of tractors and such when they're at that certain age. Time to figure out Flash my friend :)

Warren said...

I used to make animations with FLASH at work, but it's been a long while ago. Something to consider putting on my machine at home, though...might be fun to add that to the growing list of "time consumers".

And oddly a boy, I never paid much attention to construction equipment and trucks, etc...but my brother did! I was more into G.I.Joe and monsters. Don't know what clicked in my brain as an adult...can't get enough of the earth movers now!!!!

Christopher said...

This wouldn't be the same brother that put a truck into a lake or river, would it?

If we ever get this house project off the ground, I'm definitely going to make some flip video of the excavator taking apart the existing house.

Squirrel still in there?

Warren said...

As of Tuesday, yes, the dang squirrel is up there in the attic. Tonight, I reset the trap with some new food. It had managed to move the peanut butter/seed ball from the under-side of the trap, 'cause I accidently left part of the cage hanging over the boards it was sitting on. Now the hungry bugger will have to go INSIDE the trap to get to the snacks.

Hopefully I am smarter than a squirrel...but so far that theory is in doubt.

Megan Payne said...

If this is just a free hand drawing, then you're a genius artist, Warren. You should try getting back to Flash to further enhance your skills, man. Well, I used to draw things spontaneously when I was young. Seeing your art makes me wanna go back to the old me. :) Thanks for giving me something I can do when I'm in the middle of road work.

Warren said...

Hey, Megan...thanks for the compliments! If you work on a road crew, then hats off to you! That's a tough job...but I must say I'm envious some days. Would love to be driving one of those earth movers! Keep your sketchbook handy and keep on drawing! It was a year ago when I drew those machines...I need to get back out there again soon!

Warren said...

One other thing, did you come across my blog? Just curious, since construction sites are a common theme in some of my sketches and paintings.

Alphonse Daigle said...

It wouldn't be bad if you go back to the old you every once in a while, Megan. Anyway, is it finished now, Warren? Well, it takes time for construction to finish depending on the blueprint, the more you have to do, the longer it will take. You have such a genius way of freehand writing, by the way. :)

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