Saturday, March 19, 2011

SKETCHBOOK - Big Sharp Teeth and Bones!

I just spent an enjoyable afternoon at the Natural History Museum on the campus of KU in Lawrence, KS. I had planned on going camping for the weekend, but got rained out. So...if you're gonna get stuck playing indoors, what's better than SKETCHIN' DINOSAUR BONES?!! The museum also has a pretty fair collection of pre-historic mammal skeletons, and some decent dioramas of indigenous wildlife. (Caution...if you're not fond of seeing displays of stuffed animals, you might not care for it.)

Before I took the drive this morning, I went and purchased a nifty little stool that folds up when you pull the shoulder strap. It was lightweight enough to comfortably carry around for sketching.

On the way out, I had to get a shot with my cell-phone camera of the wonderful MOSASAUR on display over the lobby door.
"The tail bone's connected to"... pretty much everything.
And this is...dare I say it..."the end".

BREAKING NEWS! (Sunday, March 20)
On the subject of SHARP TEETH...I caught that dang squirrel that's been trapped up in my attic for the last couple of weeks!!! Waaaa-Hoooo!!

That vicious little bugger was not happy...I didn't know that squirrels could GROWL!!!
(And thanks, Brad, for the headlamp you gave me for Christmas...came in handy in the attic. Sorry...I was so excited about my big catch, that I put it on a bit lop-sided.)

This is the nice park I took him too...catch and release. I couldn't get a photo of the moment, 'cause he sprinted off lickety split into the woods. This is the basic route he took. Happy Ending for all!


linsolomons said...

Amazing what you can find to entertain yourself and come out with these awesome drawings!!! In a day even!
Sorry about your camping trip but you'll have lots of beautiful days to enjoy the outdoors...See you in 61 days... ;)

Warren said...

Bring some SPRING with ya, when you come! Thanks for the compliments, Lin.

kate said...

these are great! my girls have a love/hate relationship with the natural history museum - it's a little dark and spooky for little ones, but at the same time - so cool! thanks for reminding me that we need to make another visit to Lawrence!

Warren said...

I had to laugh today when I saw the big ol' dino thigh- bone on display. I had recently seen a photo of Steve on Facebook, where he's about to start gnawing on that thing. I'm sure the security guys had fun wipin' his drool off it.

Anonymous said...

Super cool drawings!
So happy you finally got the'd be mad too if you had only peanut butter to eat for weeks....and no water!! mom

Anonymous said...

As one who grew up going to the Museum of Natural History in NYC can see why you were fascinated with all those bones.
And what a happy ending for your squirrel.