Friday, April 9, 2010

SCULPTURE - "Space Gator!" pt.8

At last...the sculpting phase of Space Gator is done! The next time you see this guy will be when he's fully painted. This one has taken me a bit longer than expected...thanks for hangin' in there.

Let's take a look at the last couple of areas that needing to be completed. This Gator has a cybernetically enhanced tail. I can only speculate about how he lost his organic one...I'm sure it happened during some dangerous mission. On the left is the rough sculpt...I simplified it, then added the robotic details.

As I mentioned last post, I had some damage to repair on the base. I've tinted the photo below, to show what I added. I had big chunks to fill, as well as a lot of smaller cracks. Works out just means more weird alien terrain!

Here are some turn-around shots of the final sculpt. I hope to get started on the paint job this weekend. But then again...Spring has finally arrived...the yardwork is calling, too.


Anonymous said...

If only he could talk, you'd have another critter as famous as the little green insurance lizard! I like him. Had wondered what you were going to do about his tail, but was afraid to

Warren said...

Thanks, Mom. I'll see if I can teach him some simple words...but he may be the strong, silent type.

Been painting him's been challenging deciding on a color scheme! After lots of layers, I think I've landed on something I like. Stay tuned.

Christopher said...

Can't wait to see him (or her for that matter, probably can't tell with SpaceGators) all painted up.