Sunday, April 4, 2010

SCULPTURE - "Space Gator!" pt.7

Getting close to the home stretch now. Let's take a look at what modifications have been made to Space Gator!

I've added some more detail to the chest piece, and I decided to break up the little shape on the back.

Here's the process for one of the legs...started with the simple form...added the thigh padding...and refined the boot design.

Here are more views of the same leg. On the far right is the other bent leg.

One last thing on today's post...some unexpected challenges. While working on the Gator sculpt, cracks formed on the base, due to some minor warping of the wood inside. The pine board is probably too time I might try hardwood. Also, the Sculpey was too thin in places. In the process of man-handling the base while sculpting, some pieces of the baked Sculpy have fallen off.
Next time, I'll show you how I've reworked those areas, by adding some vine-like tendrils that will wind around the cracks. As it turns out, I had been wishing I had more variety in the sizes of some of the shapes. I'll also be finishing up the tail section. When done, it might look like I almost know what I'm doing!


Green Stuff Sculpting said...

Great work so far, the sculpt is really coming along. I think the Gator head is fantastic.

I've has a few cracks on my Blight Drone where I tapered it off onto the masking tape, so I'm assuming it because of the thinness.

Looking forward to seeing the end product.

-Green Stuff Sculpting

Warren said...

Thanks, GSS, for posting my blog on your site again. It always ups my hits for the week when you do! And I always appreciate the nice comments.

I've had a few cracking problems with other bases too. There might be some moisture in the wood that comes out in the baking. I might try using just sculpy as my base. but I need the wood to hold my armatures. And the thickness of the Sculpey definitely is a factor. Oh well...we're all learning as we go!

Anonymous said...

Old sage advice....your Dad used to dry wood for years before working with it because of the moisture. I know they kiln dry wood at sawmills and such. Maybe you could try drying your base pieces prior to use. Don't ask me how. That can be another project for you to figure out. Mom

Warren said...

Thanks, Mom...that really makes a lot of sense! Wish I had paid more attention to the stuff Dad was building in the shop. I might try a slow bake in the oven with the piece of wood first, then sand it down level on the bottom side. Just might work!

Anonymous said...

This must be a little more time consuming. It has taken longer to finish this. Looks terrific. Waiting to see more. Lil Bro

Warren said...

Hey, Lil Bro! I'd agree it's taking me more time to finish it. It has a lot more detail going on than some of my other sculpts. I also find myself enjoying the "zone" that I'm in while working...very theraputic during some stressful days. So I might be slowing down a bit. Nice thing is, I don't have any deadlines on these projects!

Green Stuff Sculpting said...

No worries, I love your work, it's fresh to see something sculpt that isn't brimming with biceps and triceps.

The baking of the wood in the oven sounds like a plan, let me know how you get on with that, as I'll be using wood to hold together future sculpts.


Ralph said...

Warren, this looks AMAZING!
I admire your sculpting skills and really like your characters designs as well. What I also really like is how "Baroque" your poses are...just catching the moment before the Space Gator blasts the Boarbarian!
Nice job!

Warren said...

Thanks, Ralph...your comments mean a lot! Love the stuff you've been doing with Character Design, yourself. I'm having a fun time, which is what it's all about.