Sunday, August 23, 2009

SCULPTURE: "Apple Heads"

On Saturday, Cat and I went to Lake Perry, near Lawrence, KS, for a fun was gorgeous weather. Since I had such unexpectedly positive responses to my post of the "Beet Heads" I made, I decided to take my carving tools and try making some "Apple Head" folks. Keep in mind that this is "day 1"...these little guys will be shriveling up over the next few weeks. I'll post the progress as they dehydrate.

While I was carving, Cat said I had an "interesting bug" on my back..."it looks like a fly-fishing lure." As I was about to swat it, she said, "Don't kill'll want to see won't hurt you." I'm glad she got the photo of it...but, now that I see it up close, I"m wondering how she knew those huge tail spikes weren't just waiting to stab me and drain all the fluid out of my body.

Here are a couple of sketches I drew of the little cove where we had a nice relaxing time watching all the sailboats. We'll definitely go back again!


Cat Ludwig Studio said...

I actually saved your life! That bug would have impaled you.

Warren said...

Yet another reason why I love you so!

Bonnie said...

I love the apple heads. I think I will get out my little set of kitchen knives and try one o)

Anonymous said...

This will be fun to