Sunday, August 16, 2009

PAINTINGS: "Fields and Trees"

Thought I'd pull out some older paintings to show you...kind of fun to group these around themes. The one above is of a hidden little valley in Farley, MO...note the tiny cows under the trees.

Here's a nice corn field in Weston, MO.

More cows...breakfast time at Kearney, MO.

Three trees by a pond...Kearney, MO.

A big shade tree on a late afternoon at Loose Park, Kansas City, MO.

Sycamore tree roots by a creek along a walking trail near my house. Not seen in the painting...two snakes that scared the HeebieGeebies out of me (which is MUCH worse than scary things that GIVE you the HeebieGeebies). I had been careful to check the water's edge for water moccasins while painting, but had failed to think about how nice and warm those rocks would be for reptiles sunning in the early morning. I was very surprised at how fast I could pack up my gear and skedaddle out of there.


Anonymous said...

I love them all. Especially the fields with the rounded pretty! So

Fitz-Badger said...

Very inviting landscapes!

I just bought a book called "the daily zoo". It's a sketchbook of animals done by Chris Ayers, various techniques and styles from realistic to cartoony to stylized. He is a concept artist for the movies and was undergoing treatment for leukemia and resolved to draw an animal a day. If you haven't seen this book I highly recommend getting hold of a copy. It put me in mind of some of your animal pictures.

Warren said...

As always...thanks Mom!

And, Fitz-Badger...thanks for the recommendation on Chris Ayers' book. I looked up his the stylings! It's now on my blog-list to view often. Appreciate it!

Warren said...
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