Monday, April 6, 2009

TABLETOP GAMING - "More Rocketships"

Soon after I made the other "Retro Rocketships" posted yesterday, my friend Jaye was planning to host a new "Flash Gordon-like" Sci-Fi themed game in his basement. (He has an awesome space at his house just filled with the coolest gaming props he's made and collected for years!!) I asked if he needed anything specific, and he requested something like a "Ming the Merciless" ship from the campy "Flash Gordon" movie from 1980. I wasn't trying to copy that design, but there were some definite things that I was inspired by. As usual, I went "dumpster diving" and found some fun things to start building with. To show scale, there's a little figure on the wing of the ship below that is about 1" tall.

Before I show you the early, pre-painted stages, below is what the ships look like after the "primer" base coat. I generally use acrylic paints.

Now you can see the "found object" parts that I used to make this ship. There are a couple of different plastic pop bottles...some plastic writing pen shafts, and magic marker caps. For the doors and windows, and the trim on the tail piece, I used soft foam rubber with a peel-and-stick backing (found at most hobby shops). The nose piece is a wooden ball with a tapered dowel peg glued on. The wings and tail fin I made from wood.

I thought it would be fun to make a little one-passenger "air sled"...I found a nice wedge-shaped medicine bottle for the main fuselage and engine. The thrusters are cut-up plastic pens.

That's it for now.

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