Sunday, April 19, 2009

SKETCHBOOK - "More Dozers"

Okay, here's the closest to driving one of these bad boys that I've been able to manage so far. This was taken the day after the demolition of a friend's store that was unfortunately gutted by a fire. Truth is, I probably wasn't supposed to be on the thing...but, hey, it was rented by someone I know.

Here are a few of my sketches of some loaders, dozers, diggers, etc. The one below, I drew yesterday while waiting for my wife who was taking a metal-smithing class. It's the front view of a fork lift that has an extending arm to put things a couple of stories up in the air.

This next one sparked a fun conversation with one of the rig operators on the worksite...he told me all about what kind of specific dozer it was (which I have since forgotten), and encouraged me to keep my nice job out of the weather.

This next one was taking a nap during a lunch break.

The rest of these sketches were done in various locations. The "contour line" drawings are always a fun approach for me. I don't erase and correct as I go...I just start drawing with a finepoint pen...I like the looser quality in the linework.

That does it for today.


Anonymous said...

Hi, it's me....the woman who suggested that you send in an application to Hallmark in response to an ad in Artist's Magazine. Remember me? Take my word for it, the subject of dozers is sufficiently unique for someone else to see! And from sketches to painting these are great! Listen to Mama!

MSU DAWG! said...

Warren, Really cool ! I like these dozers.