Thursday, April 13, 2017

My New Book

Yesterday was a very exciting day for me! I just got my first printed proof copy of my new book, "Jewels In The Junkyard". I have spent the last year and a half working on it, and it is now available to order through!!! It is also available as an eBook in the Kindle format.

It's been a tough assignment, and I felt like quitting several times along the way. But I know that sharing my story of the last seven years since losing my wife, Cathy, will resonate with others who may be struggling with grief. Thanks to all those who have been so encouraging to me while on this project!! 

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Below is a postcard that you can digitally share with those who may find my story helpful.


Elsbeth McLeod said...

Warren, I bought your book online from Amazon, and it arrived today. It's a beautiful book, had me in tears in the first few pages. Coincidentally, my husband, Neil, committed suicide with a handgun in 2002, and this September will be the fifteen year anniversary of my finding him. I spent the following few years journaling my experiences in working my way back from that darkness and trauma, healing and growing as a new person.

At the time of Neil's death, I was a successful sculptor of figurative ceramic and bronze pieces that supported us, along with the generous royalties from a past graphic arts project, and Neil's part time income from a ship-building career with the Military Sealift Command in San Diego. Needless to say, for six months I was unable to work in my studio, and if it hadn't been for the continued sales of bronzes at a few galleries, and the dwindling royalties, I wouldn't have been able to survive. Now in my mid 60s, I am so happily remarried (also a widower), I no longer sculpt, but I am so enjoying painting and journaling. I loved participating in Danny Gregory's online Sketchbook Skool, and am a member of the local Port Townsend, WA, Urban Sketchers. I have a blog also, if you are interested in visiting it.

I have come to the point I would also like to write of my experiences, illustrated, of Neil's death and my subsequent healing, and your book came to my attention I think as a divine nudge, perhaps. Our experiences were apparently so similar I felt it would be nice to thank you for being an inspiration for me, and helping me to know I can most certainly go back into those memories, read the journals and write of my own journey back to Life. And the strange gift Neil gave me. The opportunity to allow the Light to emerge from the cracks in my heart.

Keep on making those Fun Things! Blessings on you and your family


Warren Ludwig said...

Elsbeth...thank you so much for the kind comments. I am so very sorry for your loss, and the way that Neil chose to go. It's always hard to hear about others who were suffering so much that they ended their lives. Many people had told me, when I started writing my book a year and a half ago, that it would be healing for me. I will say that it was a very difficult thing for me to do...I wanted to quit several times. But once the book became a "real thing" and I've gotten comments from people who were helped by my writings...well THAT part feels good. I am glad that you have found a new partner in life...especially one who knows the pain of losing someone. The two of you can encourage each other, while also empathizing with your spouse's grief. I will look at your blog, for sure Elsbeth. Thank you for contacting me. I hope that if you choose to write about your own journey, you will find some deeper healing in the process. Blessings to you, too.

Warren Ludwig said...

One more thing Elsbeth McLeod...I just visited your website and blog...VERY cool stuff! Thanks for sharing the links.