Sunday, March 27, 2016

Monsters, Robots and Aliens

I had fun over the last few days drawing some aliens, robots and monsters for my friend Jaye Wiley. He's working on a project and needed some quick illustrations...whatever I wanted to come up with that would fit the "space" theme. It was a good's been too long since I've done this kind of stuff!


Beth in Florida said...

Hi I am so glad I finally found you. Sorry I don't have a comment about this post. In 2009 I saw an Ambassador greeting card that featured an illustration by you called "Scratching Post." If I recall correctly it was a cat hanging on a screen door. It was so cute. For years I have wished I could buy a print or reproduction or poster of this illustration. Would that be possible? I haven't found it on any site such as or anything like that. By the way, I love your blog now that I found it.

Warren said...

Hello, Beth. I did, indeed, draw the series called "Scratching Post" many, many years ago. Those cards were done while I was employed by Hallmark Cards. They own all rights to that artwork. To my knowledge, those cards are no longer in print. Sorry that you would not be able to buy a poster or reproduction of that series.

Glad you enjoy my blog!

Beth in Florida said...

Thank you! Perhaps I'll contact Hallmark to inquire. In the meantime, I'll enjoy your blog.☺