Saturday, May 9, 2015

CHALK ART at the ZOO - Year 2!

Today was the second year I participated in "Wild Saturday", a volunteer event sponsored by Hallmark Cards at the Kansas City Zoo.  Around 400 Hallmarkers and their family members spread tons of mulch, planted trees, shrubs and flowers. And once again, part of the activities involved CHALK ART!!  Last year was the first time I had ever tried doing a large scale chalk illustration. This year, I was asked by the planning team to help lead the artist's project, which I was happy to do.  Thanks to Amy Winterscheidt, for heading up the Planning Team!!

We were all expecting the rains to force us to cancel the event. But enough people prayed, crossed toes and fingers, and did a "no rain dance".  We had some showers in the early morning, but the rains never showed for the event!  (As I am typing's starting to rain outside! At least we got everything done for "Wild Saturday".)
You'll notice the wet pavement...and the young man in the far right upper corner who was blow-drying the squares before the artists arrived.  A huge thanks goes out to Danny Carmichael, Director of Facilities at the zoo, who helped me tape off the 5'x5' squares yesterday.  And also thanks to Crystal Broadus-Waldram, the zoo's Horticulture Manager, for ordering our chalk supplies.

Below is my pre-lim sketch of a Black Rhino, breaking through the pavement.  I combined several photos I found online to get the pose I wanted, and drew up the broken debris flying out from the rhino.  I had also done a variation in black and white on the computer with a grid.  I made a grid on the pavement, and drew the basic line work onto the area with a chalk holder taped to the end of a dowel.  You'll also see my fancy "rolly knee pad" in blue, made from a trash can dolly.
Once I have the sketch done, then I just started filling in the main shapes with an undertone, then I build up the colors on top of that.  Below you can see the progress.
Here is the final version.  This year I simplified my design so that I could complete it in the alloted 3 hours we had to work.  Much better on my back this time around.
A close up of the face of a serious rhino who has places to go and people to see!
Now for some photos of the other artists that were there today.  We had some really fun results this year...a lot more variety.  And it was great to see families team up on the drawings.

I need to also say a huge "Thank You" to Shelly Cook, a fellow Hallmarker, who helped coordinate the chalk supply tables...I couldn't have drawn my rhino without her helping everyone!!  It was a great turnout today, and I think the event was a complete success!


pedalpower said...

Wow, what a great event, and your rhino is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Super, super day! Really proud of your leadership ability....hope it is properly appreciated!
I've been really in a sketching painting mood this weekend too....runs in our blood...ha! Mom

Warren Ludwig said...

Thanks, Joyce...the planning of that Wild Saturday is amazing to watch many people involved. The team is hilarious, so I had a lot of fun working with them to plan.

And Mom...I hope so too! Guess we'll know in a month. Glad you are in a sketching mood!

Jenni said...

So fun dad!! So many cool chalk art pieces :)

Anonymous said...

Fun - and beautiful work by all thanks for sharing this !

Michelle Himes said...

Wow! I love the rhino drawing, and love the whole idea of the event. I see some awesome work here. Can just imagine the back and knee pain involved, but it would be worth it.