Monday, December 8, 2014


Today I took a vacation day to go work on a big painting project.  Each Christmas, my church has a pageant called "Walk To The Manger".  This year they decided that the set piece was not tall enough, so they extended it two feet across the bottom.  I was asked to paint a new stone wall, to visually blend with the original painted backdrop.  Took me about 7 hours to complete the project.
There was some strange thing happening to the original was done in oil paints, and had some kind of varnish put on the lower portion.  It appeared to have oxidized, and turned a light gray. I was using acrylic paints. I decided to rework the main back wall, to better define the stones, and to soften some of the grayish color.

Below is the general process.  I stained the plywood with a wash of brown.  Then I used dark brown to define the shapes of the stones.  I added golden brown highlites, then darker brown shadows.  I used a spritzer bottle with water in it, and rubbed a lot of it with rags, to soft-blend my brush strokes.  Then I used a dark brown again, to define some cracks between the stones.  Finally I used a gray wash that was close to the "oxydized" stain on the original oil painting.  I sprayed water over the wash, and then rubbed the gray looked a bit like fog when done.  All in all...a fun day working large-scale!!


Phil said...

Well done!

Jon F said...

Very nice work, Warren. What church is this at? I attend PV in Liberty and visited FB of Raytown a few weeks ago with some friends who used to attend there. We got to see their Christmas pageant for the first time and it was great. Merry Christmas.

Warren said...

This is at Colonial Presbyterian, Quivera Campus, in Overland Park, KS.