Saturday, May 24, 2014

SKETCHBOOK: "A Day With A T-Rex"

Today I went to the brand new museum at PRAIRIEFIRE Shopping center in Overland Park, Kansas.  It just opened on May 14th.  It is part of the AMERICAN MUSEUM & NATURAL HISTORY Exhibitions in New York City.  I only paid for general admission, so there wasn't much to see in the main hall.  You pay extra to go into the other galleries (which I was not interested in today).  In June, there will be more Kansas-native dinosaur bones coming from California, so I will go back to sketch those. But I got my $5 worth drawing the T-Rex for about 5 hours!
The gorgeous glass windows make the place look like a cathedral...a very cool design!
Below is a sketch I did of the Museum from across the street.  I had gotten there about 30 minutes before it opened.  It was raining outside, so I just sat in my car to draw.  The colors of the red-orange and yellow windows, with purple and blue accents is the colors of a real prairie fire! There is still construction work going on...the grounds were quite muddy.  I liked that the "Cherry Picker" lift was the same colors as the windows.
Here are a few photos from inside.  This is the view from upstairs, just outside of the "Discovery" area for kids to explore with hands on science exhibits.  You have to have a child with you to enter that space...which I did not have on hand today.
And here are a couple of views of the T-Rex from below.

As you enter the main hall, there is an "augmented reality" display on the wall.  The camera shows the patrons...then various dinosaurs and a dragon periodically walk or fly onto the screen.  On the left photo, I am seen in the lower left of the screen (wearing a black shirt), about to be sat upon by a giant IGUANODON.  The other screens show me standing in the middle, while a DRAGON and a T-REX appear.  Luckily, I escaped and was able to make it home to post on my blog!


Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

So how did you get upstairs without a child? Did you borrow one? What a great place, and you did some really great artwork there, I like the cherry picker that blended in so well it was like a 'where's waldo' to find it.

Anonymous said...

Great work as usual.....quite an experience. Now you can take Jackson and know what to do and where to go. Might scare him though he seems not to fear much.
I think even I would love this place. mom

Janette Meetze said...

Beautiful sketches and the inspirational setting is a great combination!

Unknown said...

Hello Warren...I didn't see you leave on Saturday so I didn't see the final drawing. Opening your site was like unwrapping a wonderful gift...your sketches are spectacular! You really captured the exterior and interior architecture and , of course, the T. Rex. We can't wait to see how you sketch the Big Fish! Thank you again for sharing your incredible talent.

Tony Adkins said...

Sir, You have a new fan. I was going to go to bed at 10:00 PM. It is now 2:10 AM and I haven't stopped looking. I gave up on my dream of being an artist about 15 years ago. As I look at your work, I'm seeing your enjoyment that I lost. I want it back so badly! I'm often inspired. However, I am overwhelmed. You are really having fun. I know, because when I was a child, all I needed was a piece of paper, or a little modeling clay and I was playing. I see your playfulness in most of your work. Thank you for some inspiration. Perhaps sometime I'll buy some polymer clay and do some playing around. yours is masterful!

Warren said...

Tony...I want to encourage you to get back in there and "just have fun"!!!! You don't need to worry about impressing don't even have to show your drawings or sculptures to anyone either. As long as you are letting the creative juices flow...that's all that matters.

Here's a great book ("An Illustrated Life" by Danny Gregory) that might help you move forward in this...I've given it to many folks as encouragement to "play".