Saturday, January 25, 2014

SKETCHBOOK: "An Oil Change and Some Jazz"

I took my mini-van in today to have the oil changed, tires rotated and re-aligned.  So I planned on sketching some of the customers while I waited.  The whole job was supposed to take about two problem.  Then there WAS a problem...a stem on the wheel broke, so they had to replace a part...another two hours to wait.  I could've taken a "loaner" vehicle, but I just decided to use the time to draw some more!

Above are two of the ladies that were unsuspecting models. Before I started the sketches in the waiting room, I decided to walk over to Starbucks, and drink some hot tea. The sketch below was of some of the guys there.
The "Three Wise Men" below, cracked me up...they were just chatting it up about life, philosophy, and the History Channel.  Almost interesting.
After a while, I headed back over to see how my van was coming along.  Below are some more of the folks that came and went over the remaining two hours of waiting.

The next set of sketches was a blast to capture.  I went to Johnson County Community College to listen to the "JAZZ WINTERLUDE"...a FREE concert of several top-notch professional Jazz groups that play around Kansas City.  It went on for 4 hours!!  Here are the sketches I managed to capture in the low-lit auditorium.

First up...the "Ron Gutierrez Quartet" (minus the piano player...I didn't have time to draw him).
 Next is "KC Sound"...
 And the last group I heard was the "Chris Clarke Trio".

What a GREAT way to spend an afternoon!


Anonymous said...

How on earth did you do so many? I am amazed and they are all great! Danny should coose you to teach in his new skool! You'll have to check his blog. Wonderful, wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Really, really great work here! Thanks for this. How can we request usage?

Ron Gutierrez