Wednesday, June 26, 2013

SKETCHBOOK - "Bulldozers in the Sun"

Even though there was a "heat advisory" today, I enjoyed the afternoon drawing one of my favorite equipment!  Hallmark was nice enough to give us some "Re-Fuel" time after lunch.  So I headed out to a site that has been calling to me everytime I've been on my drive to church each Sunday.  Fortunately there were some trees to sit under...but it was still mighty hot!!

The drawing above was actually done after the one below.  I was grinning like a lttle kid as the crew of bulldozers were busy moving dirt in a huge open field.  You can just see the tiny little "train" of dozers in the background (above the cab of the red truck), making lap after lap over the hill and back into the open spaces.  Just as I finished adding color to the drawing...the guys were finished for the day...and my subject matter drove off!  I had a chance to talk to the crew, which is always fun.  I don't think they see a lot of artists sketching out there on the site.  One of the guys told me, as he was gassing up his dozer, "Dude...I should have you draw my 6!" (which is short for a CATERPILLAR D6R...actually one of my favorite bulldozers!)  If he had stayed put...I WOULD have drawn it.  :)
The drawing above is done in pencil and watercolor washes.  I usually go with ink pens, but started to just lay out this long composition with pencil first.  But I liked where the sketch was going, and just stuck with the pencil.  It is one of my rare "double panel" sketches where I purposely went over the margin.  I like the spiral binders in the middle...lets you know it's in a sketchbook!


Anonymous said...

Super wonderful. I can just see you grinning at those guys
, Big boys, big toys! Mom

T.R.Hart said...

Love your stuff! I sent your Blog to a friend of mine who still grieves for his wife. I hope it inspires him to be creative.

T.R. Hart

Warren said...

T.R. Hart...thank you for your kind words. I'm very sorry to hear of your friend's loss. We each have to grieve in our own way...and it takes a long time. I hope my blog will offer some positive encouragement that one can find a way to keep going...even when you don't think you can or even want to. I know that my artwork has been a life preserver in the ocean of sadness. I hope your friend can stay busy with creative things. Sometimes that is the best thing you can do...just stay busy.

And I like some of the fun things you have going on your site!! Cool Dino Stuff!!!