Monday, February 6, 2012



Got a new animated GIF to show..."SPACE GATOR" blasting with his laser cannon! Again...I'm animating one of my static sculpted pieces using Photoshop and ImageReady. I had taken pics from various camera angles of the sculpture. In Photoshop, I cut the torso out from multiple photos. After I repositioned and "grafted" them onto the legs, I could make him move a bit. (Check out my labels to the right, if you want to see how I sculpted this guy.) Just wanted to post this before I have to take a break for a few family comin' to town for a visit. Later, Space Cadets!


Dee said...

Wow...right in the face!! mom

BP in NC said...

Did you flash back on Jason and the Argonauts at the Rialto? I know you've always loved the stop motion animation!