Sunday, December 26, 2010


As usual, I like to lead off with a photo of where the next stage ends are the basic shapes of my DESERT DUNE pieces. Now let's work backwards to see how I got there.

In my last post I had different pieces of insulation foam on the hex-shaped boards. I realized after I had already cut them out, that I did now allow for the transition of the sloped sides from the base. They would have ended up too small, when sculpted. So I cut all new pieces of foam that matched the maximum edges of my hex-boards. Live and learn...

I used various tools to begin shaping the "sand/rocks"...a saw from my miter box, a piece of sanding paper from an old belt sander, and a file that looks like a cheese shredder. I don't own a hot wire "foam cutter" tool, though I have tried to make one in the past with a soldering iron. When melting through the foam, they tend to give off very strong fumes that aren't good for your have to use them in a well ventilated area. So...just doing this "old school".

Once I had the basic shapes the way I wanted them, I used "Super 77" spray mount...I coated the bottom of the foam, then the board. Once they were a little bit dry, I pressed the foam onto the board. You'll notice I've also spray-glued a big boulder on the top of the dune.

Here are all three segments of the dunes...the hex-base format lends itself to various configurations.
Next, I gave everything a coating of gesso, to seal up the surfaces, and give a uniform base coat to the shapes. I will begin to further refine the shapes to add details, and create more "sandy" textures and transitions on the forms.


Christopher said...

Nice work Uncle. Good talking to you over the holidays. That last picture in this segment, the overhanging boulder looks much like either the head of a teenage mutant ninja turtle or maybe the head of a dolphin. Maybe it's just my whacked out imagination...

Warren said...

Ha! I see it now. Perhaps it's a teenage mutant ninja dolphin. Could be a future sculpture project!

Great talking to you, too, on Christmas...we need to do more of that.
-Unka W

Anonymous said...

Looks like snow right now....or maybe I've just watched too much TV of New York's snow problems. Glad you are back at a project. mom