Thursday, July 8, 2010

PAINTINGS - "From The Past"

After having recently participated in the STEMS Plein Air painting event, I've been in a couple of conversations about my making an effort to do more painting. I'm still processing a lot of things, since losing my wife, Cat. She was such a huge part of my creative life. As I'm deciding about how much I actually "desire" to paint for myself, and not just in memorial to her, I've been looking at some pieces I did some years ago. My paintings have not been easy for me to part with...partially because I like keeping them to learn from my efforts. And also for the memories they hold. The nice thing about a blog...I can share them...and keep them!

The painting above was one of Cathy's favorites (not sure why) from 2003. It's looking over a hill as the coming rains approach. It is 10"x8" oil on board. This was around the time that Cat had encouraged me to start painting, once I quit doing freelance work.

The one below is a view near my house (though a new school now sits where I stood to paint the Catholic church steeple). This is 8"x10" oil on board, probably from the same year. I think that my mother-in-law, Doris, owns this one (if I remember correctly).

The next two are from 2005. Some co-workers and I formed a small group, to go paint during lunch breaks. The view of downtown Kansas City is 10"x8" oil on board.

The statue of George Washington is in a park near Crown Center. It's 6"x8" oil on board.

This last painting of a rusty old truck is one of my favorites. It's cut down from a larger painting, and is about 5"x7"...again, oil on board. It was done in 2003, at a 3-day workshop with painter, Billy O'Donnell. It was my first experience with a class on plein air painting. Really enjoyed it...Billy's a great teacher!

Okay...that's it for this post. I need to get back to the only painting project I have time to think about for the next few weeks. I'm giving a much-needed fresh coat of paint to the entryway, stairs, hall, and an upstairs bedroom at my house! (But maybe I'll play hookie some and go outside with the oils!)


Anonymous said...

I always have a hard time picking out my favorite! I think it has to be between the church steeple (I think it is the sky in that one that grabs me) or the one of the G.Washington statue (no idea why). Thanks for posting them for us to enjoy. Debra

Fitz-Badger said...

Excellent paintings!
I especially love the skies in the first 2! And the landscapes, as well. :)

Anonymous said...

Since I'm a fan of George W. oops, G. Washington, I think it might be my favorite. I think it has the more loose large strokes that I like. All of the skies are beautiful. I'm so glad to get to see them. Hope you have more hidden somewhere to

Warren said...

Thanks, everyone. And, yes, Mom...I do have a few more that I plan to post later. But as I look at some of the earlier pieces, I'm finding that many of them feel more like "learning" paintings. But I"m glad you like what you are seeing.

One thing I'm amused by is how small most of my first paintings are. I was pretty intimidated and why take chances on a "big" canvas and waste more paint? I still haven't graduated to anything larger than a 9"x12". I like to complete the piece in one sitting, if possible...helps me to stay loose that way.

linsolomons said...

Looks like the last posted picture is staged and poised for the photo and expecting more to come! Can't wait to see all the improvements around the house plus as always love your paintings...old or new, large or small!!! XO

Tim said...

Beautiful stuff! I found you randomly because of your posts on miniatures and scenery but have been inspired by your story and your paintings. Do you have any advice to bridge the gap from painting little men to canvas?

Warren said...

Welcome, Tim!

I was amused that you read my "story". I didn't really think that I had one, but I guess we all do, don't we?

As for transitioning from painting tiny little figurines...I'd start with a canvas the size of a postage stamp. (Sorry...had to.)

Okay the serious answer...go the direct route and take some painting classes. There's no avoiding the hard work that is also part of having "fun". You have to learn the alphabet, before you can write that novel. Since I don't know your age, I can't be too specific. But if you have access to teachers who do workshops, community colleges, art schools, etc., you'll learn the basics. Some great artists are "self taught", so you can also hit the bookstores/library and read up on art books. But, most of all...just go for it!! You don't need to do anything with your paintings, so don't worry about the pressure to "succeed". Just explore, Tim...and enjoy the process!

Tim said...

I'd like to paint something for my fiance and I'd like to try oil painting. I think I will go look for some books, and give that a try!

Somewhere you said something about a travelers water color set I think? Whats that like?

Oh and I have seen 2" canvases at the dollar store!