Wednesday, March 18, 2009

By Request - My TREBUCHET

Okay...this one made me friend Mark asked me to post this. I had to dig around in the old archives to find these photos from 2003. The photo of the beautiful sky was taken by my wife, Cat, late one evening. This view is now long gone...a brand new school occupies the hillside...but I digress.

A friend at work and I got interested in trying to build a mini-trebuchet (that's a French variation on catapults). We each made our own desk-top-sized treb, and tossed erasers at each other. I had to up the ante, and built the one you see here.

As this image points out, the throwing distance left much to be desired in the beginning. But I tweeked a few things, and ended up being able to lob water balloons about 50 feet at my young nephews. ("Hey, guys...see if you can catch these!")


Mark said...

Very Cool.....

Nikolai Ruskin said...

HAHAHAHA! I love the quote,"Hey guys, see if you can catch theese!!!!"