Wednesday, July 14, 2010

TABLETOP GAMING - "Making a Battle Octagon"

Well, folks...this is it...the last of my hand-made tabletop gaming props that I've got left to show you. Behold...
"The Battle Octagon of Serious Discomfort!!"

This isn't "terrain" per se, but it was a commissioned request from my buddy, Steve. He was wanting a game that could be played during our lunch breaks...sort of a gladiatorial arena, whereby characters could go at it, and the roll of the dice would determine much of the outcome. Part of the risk factor would include the floor opening up to reveal a pit full of some deadly contents. A manly-man-testosterone-driven game if there ever was one! Which makes the next part kind-of sad...

To my knowledge, the game was never used. Steve has since had two little daughters, who are both in their pre-school years. I think the little darlings are using the Octagon to keep their Happy Meal Toys in. (You can still bring that thing back to the office,'s not too late!)

Okay...let's take a closer look. The Octagon is made mostly of pressed particle board, and painted to look like metal plating. There is a lid that is attached with Velcro strips. On the underside of the lid is a plastic pocket that holds 4 interchangeable "Pit Disks".

The four disks are painted to look like LAVA...ACID...POINTY SPIKY THINGIES...and nasty SWAMP WATER that could have lots of creepy critters swimming in it.

Two sides of the Octagon have handles that, when pulled, open up the pit doors. Run, Forest, Run!

Here are all the pieces and parts.
Top Row: base...floor 1...floor 2 with sliders...all 3 sections assembled.
Bottom Row: Floor 3...Floor 3 on top of sliders...walls and disk shape...all parts assembled.

Here are the components, ready to be glued together, and painted.

One final adjustment had to be made, once it was all finished. I had to drill a hole in the center, to be able to push out and remove the "pit disks".
I don't have any plans to create new tabletop gaming terrain in the near future. But, who knows...I might build some stuff to show "making of" demos just for this blog. (I'm sure Steve's daughters would love to play with 'em when I'm done.)


Speck said...

Hummm....You could have Shrek chase around My Pretty Pony, Strawberry Shortcake and a couple of Smurfs until a roll of snake eyes landed one of 'em in the lava pit. That would be pretty cool.

Warren said...

Add in one or two Ewoks, and you've got yourself a game...the gauntlet has been thrown! :)