Sunday, February 24, 2019

TRAVEL: Scotland 2018 Pt. 1

This post should've been added a long time ago, but lots of things took first place in line. In August of 2018, I took a wonderful trip with my eldest daughter, Jenni, to see the Highlands of Scotland. We only stayed about a week, so we just scratched the surface of all there is to see. We chose to go to the highlands because...well, we got some good deals on the flights and lodging. We also chose to see less of the "touristy" spots, and just explore all around where we stayed.

Before I post all of the photos that I had taken, I'll begin this series with my sketches. I did not sit and draw as much as I hoped, because we were on the move to see as much as we could see. Next time, I'll plan to visit fewer places, and sit longer.
The top sketch was done while waiting in Denver Airport for our flight to London. The one below that is my view for the next 9 hours of flight...a LONG way to go!

While in London Heathrow Airport during a 6 hour layover, I drew a few weary passengers. Jenni is in the upper right sketch, catching some Z's.
On our train ride from Inverness to Thurso, I noticed an older couple that was sitting in the row behind us. Every so often, the gentleman's face would I snuck a quick photo of him, for the intent of sketching him later. On one of our train or plane trips, I sketched from the photo viewed on my iPAD.
These images below are from Inverness...a church by the River Ness downtown, and our view out of the window of our B&B apartment.
The coastal sketch below is from our backyard view of the ocean while we stayed in Thurso. The rains were always a possibility every day...a storm blew up and I had to go inside and finish the sketch from an upstairs window. The other sketch is of the ruins of Thurso Castle done on my last morning there. There is SO much to see and draw in's a wonderland!