Monday, July 9, 2012

SKETCHBOOK: "Solomons and New York"

I just returned from a wonderful week vacation seeing family and friends out east for the 4th of July Holidays. And of course I brought along my sketchbook!  I did not take very many photos, since I was enjoying visiting more than sight-seeing. The temperatures were extremely hot, so most of the outdoor drawings were done in the mornings.  This first sketch at the top was in Solomons, Maryland where my family lives.  Solomons is a small little town right on the water of the Patuxent River and Back Creek, which flow into the Chesapeake Bay.  Great place to just wander and draw!

These are some sketches I did on the plane from Kansas City to Baltimore...never much to look at on flights, so the subject matter is pretty basic.

Here's a view of the Back Creek, from a bench at Zahniser's Yachting Club, just a short walk from where I was staying.

The boat below was in dry-dock getting a make-over.  I happened to be sitting in the shadow of a boat right next to this one.  If you look at the top sketch, the guy in the red shirt was painting right where I had been sitting.  I had to hurry before he made his way around to my side.

Next is a drawing of the famous Lighthouse at the Calvert Marine Museum.  I was sitting in the parking lot before the museum opened.  But I was soon making visitors mad, because my nice view was from a parking spot in the shade.  I almost got run over by someone waiting like a vulture from the other side of the lot...they zoomed into the spot just as I vacated it!

These next sketches were done inside during the afternoons, due to the heat.  I don't normally draw flowers, but this arrangement that I had sent to my Mother-in-law a couple of days before was too pretty to pass up.  Sadly, the flowers had been sent in memory of her sister who had passed away a few days before.

This arrangement of eclectic items are at my Sis-in-law's house...Lin has so many interesting treasures in the home.

I had to include these two drawings by my six-year-old grand-nephew, Cayden.  He is a huge fan of "The Avengers" movie, and of the archer "Hawkeye" in particular.  I traded him a drawing I did of "Hawkeye", and he drew me "The Hulk" and "Captain America".  I think I got the better deal!!

The next sketches are from my side trip to New York City to visit my long-time friend, Franky.  We were close buddies in our youth, and had not seen each other in about 17 years.  At the suggestion of my daughter, Jenni, I took a train ride up from Baltimore to Penn Station.  I drew the loading platforms until just before the train arrived.  I had never ridden a train on a trip was quite a bit bumpier than expected.  So the drawing of the guy sitting in front of me was done using an unavoidable  "very wiggly line" technique.

I had a terrific time visiting with my buddy Franky.  He recently moved into this apartment on Long Island, NY.  The fifth floor view of the ocean was so a couple of sketches in before Franky woke up each morning.  I even got to play percussion in a bar in Long Beach with Franky on guitar the first night we arrived!!  The band were friends of his, and called Franky up to play during a break...Franky dragged me along, and I just "went with it".  Huge fun!!

These last odd drawings were done during the LOOOONG trip home.  Just started making up the "seahorse-like" creatures during the two hour delays in both New York, and Baltimore airports.

Finally, I had to show the shark teeth I found when my nephew, Chris, took me and his brother-in-law, Cameron, to the beach to search for them.  Actually the only ones I found were the two tiny teeth on the left...Chris gave me the other three.  Chris is "The Master" at seeing these in the water, as the waves wash them in!  (Disclaimer...having to wear tri-focals is NOT conducive to me looking for sharks teeth.)
My huge thanks to everybody who hosted me while I was visiting...I'm exhausted, but had a terrific time!!!  Tomorrow...back to work I go!