Thursday, January 16, 2020

SCULPTURE: "Godzilla Car"

Last year, I got to attend my very first Pinewood Derby with my grandson's cub scout troop. I was so excited to learn that the grownups have a "no rules" category for cars that they design. The races aren't until February, but I just finished my entry yesterday and had to give you a sneak peak. I don't care at all if my car makes it down the track...I just needed an excuse to sculpt GODZILLA!!! (He's made with wood, foil, wire, and epoxy clay, painted with acrylics.)
Once I had the main sculpture finished, I was concerned about the overall weight of the car. I drilled out as much as I could from the core of Godzilla, then packed the holes with very light foam, and sculpted back over the holes.
I will be sure to post photos from the actual Pinewood Derby races in February! Stay tuned! 
UPDATE!!! What a day at my grandson Jack's Pinewood Derby for his Scout troop! My "Go-Zilla!" car performed better than expected, and I won a certificate in the "Outlaw" division! The best part of the event was during my car's first race...all the little cub scouts were chanting, "God-Zil-Ah! God-Zil-Ah!" In my races, the best I placed was second...I got smoked quite a few times! But we all know that Godzilla is not built for speed...he takes his time smashing things.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Illustration: "Fantasy Game Cards"

In 2019, I got the opportunity to "play" for a bit in the illustration genre of "Fantasy". My friend Jerry Mosemak has been in the process of developing a board game called "The Rangers:Rise of War". I was able to help out a bit and illustrated 15 of the playing cards. It was a lot of fun designing monsters, dragons, weapons and magical beings for the game. I'll let you know when the game comes out.