Saturday, May 19, 2012

SKETCHBOOK: "Trip To El Dorado"

Well, it's "feast or famine" for my postings this month.  It's been way too long since I've gone out sketching.  Yesterday, I just returned from a few days at my home town in Arkansas.  I had quite a lot of time to draw,  getting out and about with my Mom, and her sketching buddy, "Speck". And I made sure to eat too much while there (which, of course, included "Spudnuts")!!

Above is an old oil-drilling-rig truck from the little town of Union, Arkansas.  It's covered with tangled cables and rust.   Speaking of rust...we returned to one of my favorite drawing locations: "RUSTY ACRES Auto Salvage".  Below are two drawings from there.

Next are a couple of drawings from my Mom's of the railing of her deck...the other of Mom herself.  She was sketching, too...and while it's not a flattering image of her...she "approved" of it. Ha!

Mom had to make a trip to the dentist, so I drew some of the folks in the waiting room.

Here are a few old worn out buildings from the "historic" district.

These next drawings are not technically from El Dorado, but are directly connected to the trip there.  My brakes were acting up on the highway, so this morning, I had to take my mini-van in to get the brake drums smoothed down, along with an oil change.  While waiting, I had breakfast at a nearby IHOP, and these were views from around the restaurant.  The tall, lanky guy in the lower right corner was back at in the customer lounge, while I waited for them to finish up with my vehicle.

Last, but not are some pics of what is becoming a tradition for when I visit my brother, Kris and his wife, Debra.  He "lets" me drive his tractor and bush-hog his pasture around his house!!  I LOVE driving that smokey ol' diesel tricycle for two hours.  "Payment" was some of Kris' awesome BBQ pork chops and chicken, and Debra's legendary "cheesy potatoes".  A terrific getaway week!