Saturday, October 29, 2011

SKETCHBOOK - "Tree Grove"

Had no plans this morning, so I went to mail some bills, then had breakfast. I wandered across the street from the restaurant afterward, and walked the path around an office park pond. Found a little bench in front of this grove of trees...a perfect place to spend the morning sketching in the warm sun.

On the stroll to my van on the other side of the pond, I came upon this amusing sign. They could've just said, "No Fun Allowed!" I then proceeded to fish, swim, wade, throw rocks, and feed the geese until they were ready to pop!
UPDATE 10-30-11
Decided to add one more sketch. Stayed after church this afternoon (instead of coming home to rake the stupid leaves). It was pretty windy out on the lawn. I like the architectural design of the layered roof line. But my perspective got a little off on this one...once you start with the ink pen, there's no turning back. Might have to try this one again sometime.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

SKETCHBOOK - "Kearney Farm"

Today, all the folks from my department at work went on a "Day Away" to Kearney, MO for some creative renewal and fun. We were free to roam the property that is owned by Hallmark...acres of land with ponds, beautiful fields and walking trails. The weather was gorgeous (though a bit nippy), and it was great to just kick back and enjoy time with my co-workers. Above is the only sketch I made...started in the morning when my friend, Joan, was beginning a painting...then finished the drawing and added color in the afternoon.

I decided to dig around in my archives to show you a painting I did of the same house 6 years ago, on another "Day Away" in October of '05.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

SKETCHBOOK - "Stinky Pig"

I can't believe it's been a month since my last post! Truth is, I have been doing a lot of creative things...but not with the visual arts. I've been working on co-writing some songs with a buddy of mine who lives in New York...we share music files over emails, and each work on the other guy's tunes. It's been a blast! I HAD to get my sketchbook's been way too long!

This batch of drawings is from a few hours that I spent today at the Deanna Rose Farmstead. It's a petting zoo that we used to take the kids to. Over the years, it has expanded into a wonderful park with lots of antique farm equipment all about, and many more animals. The weather was perfect, so I had a great time (even though it was pretty crowded with families everywhere).

The sketch at the top was a VERY STINKY pig that was kind enough to take a nap while I drew her. Below is another cooperative model..."Chico" the pony, who was on break from "letting" kids ride him.

A bison in the sun...or "buffalo" if you prefer.

And a couple of nifty pieces of farm machinery.
After I was done sketchin'...I ended up at a music store and bought myself another little drum, a "foot tamborine", and a new "shaker" for band practice tomorrow. All in all...a very nice day!